Cellulose Thermoforming Technology (CTT)

Our thermoformed molded pulp products are an eco-friendly alternative.


Various thermoformed molded pulp products
  The marketplace has been asking for packaging utilizing environmentally friendly materialsCTT replaces non green materials, while providing economic and functional advantages such as:  

        CTT can be made from 100% post manufactured and post consumer


        Product is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable.

        Raw material supply and price more stable than plastic.  

        Cost per part is favorable compared to injection molding and plastic thermoforming.

        Product can be designed to be suitable for:

              a. holding liquids

                   b. use in a microwave

                   c. food grade applications

                   d. hot/cold environments

        Part sizes up to 50 x 29x 6 and 50 gauge thick 

        Ease of combo tooling, enabling for low tooling costs for lower volume items. 

        Dimensional consistency similar to plastic thermoforming. 

        May be made in colors, smooth surfaces, laminated. 

        Receptive to pad printing

        Not an egg crate.

        Prototype samples available in 2-4 weeks.

CTT Retail Pen Set

Retail Pen Set

Tray exhibits dimensional stability required for retail use


Horticultural Pots

Includes additives to inhibit mold growth and holdout water


Horticultural Pots created from thermoformed molded pulp
Creative applications of Cellulose Thermoforming Technology

Creative Applications


Strong, rigid, or hinged components


Medical Components

Smooth surface

Clean rolled flanges


Medical applications of thermoformed molded pulp
Blue colored fruit tray made from thermoformed molded pulp

Food Containers

Dyed materials


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