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its says thanks . . .for considering us for all your plastic packaging requirements. We are a young aggressive company with over 40 years combined experience in thermoforming plastic, package design, product design, package assembly, display assembly and marketing. This unique blend of practical experience gives our customers a comfort level to consider us more as a business partner than just a vendor.

The Packaging Cycle

The packaging cycle can be broken down into the following stages; idea, design, prototype, tooling, production, assembly and distribution.




Idea - The idea stage can be a brand new design for a product or as simple as matching an existing package.  its can also match an existing product for reproduction.  We also use branding and planograms in our initial step of the packaging cycle.


Design - The design stage takes objectives and criteria from the idea stage and turns it into a Solid Works or C.A.D. drawing. This stage may be done by you, by us, or frequently by combining your product understanding with our package expertise.


Prototype - The prototype stage takes approved designs and creates a handful of samples that will allow us to check product fit, display and shelf/planogram presence. Prototypes are made in the same material type and gauge as to provide a realistic representation of the production part. Minor changes made at this stage assure the package performs as expected and desired.


Tooling - its a unique service that provides a better quality product and experience. its designs and manufactures all tooling in house. What this means for the customer is proper tooling design with  no liability on a third party vendor, which ensures a precise, on-time product. 


Production - In the production stage, its produces parts from approved tooling. First article parts are provided for approval of fit and finish prior to a production run.  If an issue or customer changes arise, its  provides in-house debugging and prototype rework of any aspect of the design  and assembly procedure. Upon approval of the customer the final design is then put into our production line. Parts are then packed in appropriate cartons, shrink wrapped and ship motor freight (or Best way) on full pallets for safe arrival at your facility.


Call us today at (630) 906-6895!  We are ready to work with you on new or existing plastic packaging projects.

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In-house design, custom molding, J.I.T. warehousing, decorating services and secondary labor are all areas that we can assist you with. Call us with your next plastic packaging project and let us earn your business and your trust!

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