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Plastic Packaging

Integrated Thermoforming Systems (its) provides thermoformed plastic packaging with in-house design services, custom forming, just-in-time (JIT) warehousing, decorating services and secondary labor.

its provides design, assembly, fulfillment, labeling and

Just-in-time warehousing.

Custom Forming


Clam Shells

Blister Packs

Decorating Services

Specialty Materials

Plant-based Plastics

Pad Printing


Having a great partner to work through customer needs and challenges has been both exciting and rewarding.  I am thankful for the wonderful and quality service that 12 years its has provided.
Michelle B.

Working with its is easy.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and are great at offering solutions which adapt to evolving needs.

They are very personable and I feel that my projects are treated with the utmost attention.

Joe S.

I overheard some of our guys talking and they had great things to say about how the tray modification turned out. They were impressed how well the additions turned out. Just thought you and your team might appreciate hearing that your craftsmanship is in high regard.

Wesley M.

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