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The Development Cycle

The packaging cycle breaks down into the following stages:

idea, design, prototype, tooling, production, assembly and distribution


The idea stage can be a brand new product design or matching an existing product for reproduction. Integrated Thermoforming Systems (its) considers your brand, image, aesthetics and planogram requirements at this initial step of the packaging cycle.


The design stage takes objectives and criteria from the idea stage and turns them into a computer aided design (CAD) model using Solid Works. This stage may be done by you, by us, or frequently collaboratively by combining your product understanding with our package expertise.


The prototype stage takes approved designs and creates a handful of samples that will allow us to check product fit, display and shelf/planogram presence. Prototypes are made in the same material type and gauge in order to provide the most realistic representation of the production part. Minor changes made at this stage assure the package performs as expected and desired.


its designs and manufactures your tooling for all stages of the project. This level of control allows its to respond to changes as your project develops. From proof of concept (prototypes) to short run production tooling that tests distribution requirements and assembly line methods. The final design revision is a seamless flow into production tooling due to its’ maintenance of all design and tooling files required to achieve your projects final approval.


Upon approval of the prototyping phase of your project, its designs and builds your production tool. First article parts produced from the prodution tool are provided to you for review of fit and finish. Upon your approval its runs your order per your shipping requirements. 

its’ QA personnel maintain quality control inspsections and documents during the manufacturing of your product. 

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