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Integrated Thermoforming Systems (its) provides

design, assembly, fulfillment, labeling, printing and JIT warehousing.



We design exactly what you have in mind! Let us create a package for you, or if you provide us with product samples or protoypes, our team will design packaging to meeting your form, fit and function requirements.



Some specialty packaging and counter displays may require assembly prior to shipping. We provide a range of assembly services to customers. One popular service is adding AM & RF tags to packages prior to shipping to increase productivity upon receipt and reduce opportunity for theft.



Fulfillment services may include packing your product into packages, placing displays in individual cartons and palletizing mixed product for drop ship to various addresses.



Labeling is a very cost effective way to provide decorating services on your packages. Labeling allows marketing messages to be placed in front of a displayed product attracting consumer attention to your product at point-of-purchase.


Pad Printing

its specializes in printing logos and other artwork on plastic parts. While we offer a variety of product printing options for nearly any plastic part, we are most often asked about our printing on vacuumed formed parts. We have printed on flat, oval, concave, convex and textured surfaces.

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